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Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India with No Annual Fee

Aanchal Parmar

Electronic payments are rising in India, and with that, people are transitioning to the cashless system. Because of the new regulations and convenience, credit cards are prevalent. They come with a lot of charges, which can be a burden for a lot of users.

However, some of the banks and institutions issue some of the best lifetime free credit cards as well. These cards usually come with no joining fees and no annual fees, or annual fees with comfortable waivers. 

Fintech By Aanchal Parmar


Aanchal Parmar

Seeking answers as in what is forex trading? Forex is the acronym of foreign exchange, which indeed sounds heavy but comes with a simple meaning. If you don’t have any idea about it, but you want to be that cool person in the group, then stick with me, and you shall have it.

Fintech By Aanchal Parmar

Learn About Payment Gateway and How To Choose The Right One?

Aanchal Parmar

If you are a merchant and want to sell your products to the world, you need a payment gateway. You don’t need to learn every tiny detail about payment gateways as a merchant, but it is always good to know about it. Accepting payments from customers is sometimes not that easy as it seems.

Fintech By Aanchal Parmar


You might be the best project manager in the town, but you need to admit that project management software just kickstarts your whole day.

“I know that, but I want to know how I can say that this is the one for me?”

I got you covered; how about I take you on a ride where we figure out your match for project management? Also, stick with me till the end for the top 5 project management softwares.

SaaS By Aanchal Parmar

Educate Yourself On 4 Pillars Of Personal Finance.

Pillars are the amazing architectural technology used while constructing buildings. These are used for the sturdy foundation of the building. The same thing goes with your dream financial home. You cannot ace in personal finance without understanding the core pillars on which it stands.

Finance By Aanchal Parmar


Startup culture is multiplying in India. Indian startups raised 12$ billion in June from private equity firms and venture capitalists. It is surprising and unique simultaneously; such data inspires other startups to continue with their efforts. 

Finance By Aanchal Parmar

Start With Personal Financing — What, Why and How?

Personal finance is a vast topic; there is a myriad of technicalities and terms involved. The idea of this blog is to spark your interest in personal finance so that after you read this blog, you go and learn more about it.

Finance By Aanchal Parmar

How to Know Your Scalp Better?

When we think about self-care, what comes into our mind? New facial products or a new skincare regime, isn’t it?

But do you think about your scalp? Probably not.

Let me tell you this; your skin never ends with the forehead. It continues; there are three different layers in the scalp. The top layer is a skin layer and has millions of hair follicles and glands.

Beauty By Aanchal Parmar

history of Stock exchanges


Stock markets have been of pioneer importance when it comes to contributing to the national economy. The stock exchange is an essential institution for the capitalist system of economy, and it has been a life jacket for every corporate institution that need funds to run, scale or start a new venture.
But how this whole trading game started? Who suggested the concept of the stock exchange?

Finance By Aanchal Parmar

Caution: Increase Your Hair Growth With Rice Water

If you are nodding right now, then I have the most fantastic hack for you, which will improve the health of your hair and increase the growth of your hair only if you follow it consistently.

Beauty By Aanchal Parmar

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Deep Conditioning

Your hair goes through a lot of things, styling, heat, pollution, and some harsh products as well. As you put your hair through such things, it gets upset or rough and demands some extra care and moisture. 

Beauty By Aanchal Parmar

Skin Issue In Lockdown-Top 3 Reasons You Need To Know

Well, I used to believe that concept as well. My skin has become so gross in these months during lockdown that I have never thought of it. But my concern grew regarding these issues which my skin is facing nowadays, in a homely environment.

Beauty By Aanchal Parmar

How to go from Good to Great at capturing B2B Demand with Social Media?

When we talk about social media, most people have this VERY strong mindset that B2B social media posts are boring. They don’t have much quirkiness, which can hook their readers with their savvy and catchy posts, unlike other B2C companies.

B2B by Aanchal Parmar

LinkedIn Company Pages: How does it help your brand and Why should you use it?

The moment you are reading this line, this means that you already know LinkedIn is the soulmate your business is looking for. However, you are skeptical and clueless as to how you should take this forward.

B2B By Aanchal Parmar

B2B Intent Data: What is it, and How it is helping in pipeline acceleration?

This is what B2B intent is; it tells you about the products and services your ideal customer is looking for. Their online behavior is what their intent is. B2B intent data is capable of telling you about products and services they are interested in by monitoring the kind of content they consume. 

B2B BY Aanchal Parmar

Four-Step easy to execute B2B Demand Generation strategy for beginner

Generation of demand and leads both run hand in hand. So, if you are competent in generating demand but failing in converting that demand to lead, it won’t work either. So, demand generation and lead generation are complementary to each other and not contradictory.

B2B BY Aanchal Parmar

5 outstanding ways to win at B2B Email Marketing

In marketing, convenience matters. Email marketing is the most convenient way to reach professionals. If this might be not enough, I have listed some crucial reasons why one must need to implement an email marketing strategy.

B2B BY Aanchal Parmar

5 Proven B2B Lead Generation tactics to fuel the top of the funnel

Take a minute and grab your note-taking device. Think who will be your ideal audience or target audience. Write down some of the necessary details such as age, demographic, company, niche, years of experience, gender, and other factors that will help you build a persona of your target audience. 

MARKETING BY Aanchal Parmar